Welcome to Gilmore Construction

For over three decades Gilmore Construction has completed millions of square feet of wood framing here in Southern Nevada and has earned a prominent reputation in the wood framing industry. As a leading subcontractor in our field we have gained the respect of our many customers, suppliers as well as our competitors.


We are proud to be one of the most successful and largest independently owned and operated subcontracting companies in the State of Nevada. Our success can be attributed to the following beliefs and principles we offer all our customers:



From pre-construction blueprints and contract documents to the final building inspections of a project, customers are always guaranteed the communication and customer attention a family owned and operated company can offer with the performance and stature of a large corporation.



We have been operating continuously and with the same management for the last 30 years. Working as a debt free company we have created lasting relationships with some of Nevada’s most successful banking institutions. Operating under unlimited C3 and B licenses as well as our C8 license we offer a wide range of contracting diversity. A proven track record, strong relationships and promises never broken have made Gilmore Construction one of the most enduring construction companies in Nevada.



Enjoying a customer base which is made up of nearly 95% repeat customers speaks volumes about our reputation. Whether it’s been a small or a high profile project Gilmore Construction has always kept the interests of our customers as a priority. With some of the nations largest and Southern Nevada’s best known single family, multi-family and commercial contractors on our resume we have built a solid and respected reputation with our customers, suppliers and competitors.



We have always offered our customers highly competitive pricing without compromising those important things that make a project successful. With over 30 years of experience and relationships with the best known suppliers in the Southwest United States we are in a position to offer our customers extremely competitive and effective pricing. We are always available to help our customers with value engineering insuring that their plans reflect the most efficient products and cost effective designs and details for their specific project



Gilmore Construction undoubtedly frames the most amount of square footage in Nevada whether it is small commercial, single family housing, custom homes or multi-family apartments with the least amount of employees. Efficiency and attention to detail are the back-bone to a core of values that Gilmore Construction’s frames by. Gilmore Construction always stands behind all of our products, services, estimates, installations and warranties 100% and have continued to do so for over 30 years in the framing industry. This character is what allows us to continue to be one of the very few framing contractors in Nevada that can still put their name on the package. “Gilmore Construction.”



Gilmore Construction is a team driven organization with a family mentality that has always implemented a stern, third party evaluated safety program for the protection and education of our employees. Daily job site safety evaluations and OSHA training courses for employees give the reassurance not only to our field craftsmen but also our valued customers that they are all in good hands and are working with or for only the very elite.



Every step of the way Gilmore Construction’s customers, suppliers and trade partners are promised our hard work and dedication to doing our job well and also our undivided attention to ensuring the fastest completion of a project with only the most precise judgments on our part to allow the most lucrative, safe and unsurpassed outcome for everyone involved. Gilmore Construction stands behind our estimating abilities as professional, full service framing contractors.



We always treat our customers in a courteous and conscientious manner. We subscribe to the highest technical and professional standards of our industry and are committed to being on the forefront of new and innovative products and systems that make us and our customers more profitable and efficient.