For nearly a quarter century we have prided ourselves on our ability to be versatile in the residential and commercial framing industry, with a skill set in both stage framing as well as crew framing applications, which allows us maximum flexibility to ensure the customer and the project is getting the most efficient and beneficial application possible for all involved. Stage framing as well as crew framing installation methods can both be used with either prefabricated walls or stick frame applications.



Stage Framing is an application commonly used for the construction of large multi-family apartment and townhomes projects. This application consists of skilled, rotating crews with only one process to focus on, wither it be; layout, framing, stacking, joisting or fascia board and sheeting the specific crews are constantly moving from building to building in succession with the construction schedule until there specific task is complete and the next crew in line can begin work on there portion of the building while being guided by a highly qualified Gilmore Construction project foreman and project manager. Stage framing can also be a useful tool with larger releases of single family homes adding acceleration to a production schedule and also large custom home construction.



Crew Framing is an application commonly used for the construction of single family residential housing and custom homes but can be implemented on some small commercial applications. This application entails a top-notch 5 to 20 man framing crew focused only on the construction of a single house or building from framing layout through roof sheathing. Offering the customer the same core group of craftsmen and supervision that start the project will be completing. These crews are focused and dedicated only to the one specific structure they are working on and rotate through the framing process from start to finish only using the same core group of personnel.



Gilmore Construction is fortunate to have a very diverse portfolio of projects and customers. Our ability to sustain a presence in multiple markets is due to the fact that over 3 decades ago Gilmore executives made the decision to never specialize in a specific segment of wood framed construction. Along with a strong presence in the residential housing sector Gilmore Construction has also erected millions of square feet of commercial and industrial buildings such as: gas stations, commercial shell buildings, strip centers, shopping malls, churches, warehouses, tenant improvements, mezzanines, banks, hotels and motels.


  • Gilmore Construction has the experience operating and the resources to offer the proper equipment needed to successfully take on any large scale commercial project in a safe and efficient manner. (Cranes, Forklifts, Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Truss Booms and Man Cages).
  • Most commercial projects have a specific architectural vision aligned with extensive structural requirements. Gilmore Construction has an elite estimating department with over 100 years of combined experience capable of foreseeing onsite issues and abating them with architects and engineers during our extensive pre-construction analysis and value engineering efforts.
  • Meeting Construction schedules is imperative to the success of a construction project. Gilmore Construction has highly experienced project foreman, and an extensive manpower supply that are qualified to construct even the most complex of structures while maintaining even the most conservative of construction schedules, if not surpassing them.
  • Safety is Gilmore Construction’s overall concern when framing high profile commercial structures. Our stern safety procedures and protocols have never wavered and are constantly setting the bar in our industry.